At Tails On Trails, our fun and adventurous walks are conducted in a variety of locations in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. With locations ranging from parks, beaches to bush areas, our team will be able to provide your dog with a new and exciting place to explore with a variety of new smells!

From walking groups that range from four to eight, with groups of eight being managed by two people, our team will ensure your dog can socialise in a safe and comfortable environment. For a minimum of one hour and up to ninety minutes, your pooch can walk, run, sniff and play to their heart’s content. Water is also available for refreshment and treats are given to assist with your dog’s interest and happiness within the group.

For new dogs on our group walks, your pooch will initially be walked on a lead until they get to know both our team and the rest of the pack. It may take a few walks before your dog gets familiar enough to be comfortable around us, however once they are properly aquatinted within the group we would like your dog, with your approval, to gradually start walking off lead. This enables your pooch to play freely and get the maximum amount of exercise possible. Please note that we only let dogs off lead when they are far enough away from any roads or in a busy park.

For wet weather days, rest assured our team will still provide your pooch with their daily walk. Your dogs will be towel dried before their return home, however if this does not work for you please let us know in advance.

Tails On Trails is a high in demand service, which means our spots are selling fast! Don’t miss out on providing your dog with a fantastic dog walking experience in Sydney today.

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